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8 Ways to Make Money Online

8 Ways to Make Money Online

Are you looking for an opportunity to make money online? Luckily, you have many options when it comes to making cash from the comfort of your home. Unlike the past, making money online today is now an easier reality due to the advent of technology and the growth of the e-commerce sector.

Whether you are renting out a room online, taking paid surveys, or selling your articles, each day increases the opportunities of working online. So, what are the best ways of making money online in 2021?

Top Eight Ways of Making Money Online in 2021

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has remained the best way of making money for over two centuries. It first appeared in 1994, but before it came online, many were benefiting from it traditionally. The best affiliate program online is Amazon Associates Program which was launched in 1996.

For those new to affiliate marketing, it’s a business model where you are paid a commission to help a product or service make sales. Once someone buys a product from your unique affiliate link, then you will be awarded a commission. Though it’s not that much, having many clients in your downline can make the income sustainable. To join the Amazon Affiliates Program, you need a website; make sure your website gets heavy traffic as this could help increase your earnings.

I have another blogpost covering the pros and cons of Affiliate Marketing plus which affiliates programs are the best.


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Blogging is also a good way of making money online; people create their blogs to explore their creativity or show their views. But many are also making good cash from their blogs, and some of these blogs have turned into traditional companies. However, don’t expect to make money right away from your new blog. Rather, it takes time to build it and with good strategies, it will be successful soon.

Before you start a blog, decide on the topics you will write about i.e. health, hobbies, or relationships. Next, craft the best quality content or outsource the work to other writers. Once this is complete, learn about SEO and how to make your site rank higher in Search Engine rankings. Also, create a network with other businesses in your niche, and sooner, you will have more traffic to your blog which brings many opportunities of making money i.e. selling affiliate products, paid advertising, and more.

Online Coaching

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Anyone with perfect motivational skills can set up a coaching website and post it online. Alternatively, there are many websites where you can set up your premium services and get paid. Ensure your course has plenty of videos as they are vital for coaching programs, and choose a video distribution platform with features that’ll enable you to seamlessly offer your services. These platforms include teachable, Kajabi, and Thinkific and you can also try video software such as Camstudio and Camtasia.


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Over the last decade, the demand for podcasts has increased potentially. The industry had a rough start with comedians producing low-quality audios to put their feeds. But now, it’s very popular with more than 900,000 podcasts on the internet alone.

Well, if you can create high-quality podcasts, you will make good money online. One of the top podcasts made by Joe Regan and it’s estimated that he rakes in about $1,000,000 for each podcast episode. Most of the money you will earn from podcasts is through advertising. You will need to choose a podcast category i.e. comedy, food, or travel, and build an audience.

I have the perfect tool for you to begin your podcast and the best part is it’s totally FREE. The platform that hosts your podcast and distributes it to all necessary podcast players is called Anchor.

Become an Influencer

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With a personal brand, making money is an easier task. Let’s take this example, Cristiano Ronaldo was the highest-paid influencer in 2019 as each sponsored post in his Instagram earned paid about $975,000. Though you might think that making it without being a celebrity is a daunting task, many small influencers are making good money today that wasn’t even an option in the past.

Becoming an influencer requires a good following on top platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. The top influencers make their money from these platforms; you can make money via affiliate links, sell products, or even create your own product.

Web Design

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Though not everyone is tech-savvy or design, web design is one of the top ways of earning extra cash online. Many new companies are looking for individuals to design their websites or even redesign them to look better.

You can opt for freelancing sites or set up your website and offer your services via the platform. But expect stiff competition on top platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, but with good skills, you can make good money.

Become a Video Content Creator

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When many people think about video creation, they think of YouTube. Many people are earning on YouTube, but there are also good platforms such as TikTok, where users have made it a full-time job to create content. However, your channel doesn’t have to involve makeup or blog tutorials, instead, you can make science experiments and tech videos that other people can try for free at home. Do what feels most natural for you, even if it’s showing people how to plant chili seeds 😉

Create an App

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Developers will see this as a good idea to make money, but even if you have no programming skills, you can use a platform to build an app. When you join the freelancing platforms, you will find many requests from marketers looking for app developers. Be active in these platforms and add your app to the Apple Store and Google Play Store to reach more users. You might opt for a paid app but choosing a free one is the best choice as you can post ads or charge users for premium features.


Making money online is now possible, and there are many ways of doing it. Millions of people worldwide rely on the internet to get their daily bread. From the digital nomads to the entrepreneurs, you will never lack an opportunity to make cash remotely. Just get a good laptop, stable internet connection, and try any of these online money-making ventures.

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