What is Notion?

Notion is a powerful productivity tool that allows users to organize, manage, and track their tasks, notes, and projects in one central location. It is a versatile tool that can be used for personal and professional purposes, and it offers a range of features and customization options to help users tailor it to their specific […]


Choose an Option My Blog Looking for a Car Interested in a Apartment Stephandre Potgieter @stephandrep Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Hi There! My name is Stephandre, some call me Steph. I am a young South African Entrepreneur ready to share my experiences, ventures, and promotions with anyone who wants to view & listen. I am so […]

Affiliate Marketing: In-depth

You might have wondered ‘why affiliate marketing?’ or ‘what are the benefits of this marketing people make money from?’ well in this blogpost I hope to address al your questions regarding affiliate marketing.

8 Ways to Make Money Online

MacBook Pro

8 Ways to Make Money Online Are you looking for an opportunity to make money online? Luckily, you have many options when it comes to making cash from the comfort of your home. Unlike the past, making money online today is now an easier reality due to the advent of technology and the growth of […]

The One Thing You Can Control

As Entrepreneurs we often feel that we can’t control everything in our business, which is completely true. To a degree, we can control our customers, our supply, our manufacturing, admin, etc, but it won’t ever be 100% controlled by you. There is however one thing you have complete control over, and that is your effort. […]

Misconception of Sales

What is Sales? Sales always partnered with money or income.  For buyers, they think it’s like a nightmare when they walk passed on a shop and a guy at storefront will offer them a product or service. Buyers will automatically ask the price first and hoping the salesperson will not insist on the product especially […]

What to do in a Recession?

You might have heard that South Africa is in a recession. And for those who listened knew we were on this path after declaring SA a technical recession in 2019. So what do you need to do in a recession?  Well,  first thing first.  What? A Budget? What For? Yes, a budget. If you haven’t […]

What is Entrepreneurship?

(This is not your typical “What is an Entrepreneur” blogpost.)To define a word like entrepreneurship we will need to look at a couple of things.  Firstly: What is Entrepreneurship?  Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs. […]

What is Price?

What is Price?  This is a subject I have personally been debating about with people. For some odd reason, people always think something is worth more than the actual value of the underlying item. Their house is always worth more because blah blah blah. Their car is worth more because blah blah blah. Same old same […]