Like I said, My name is Stephandre.

Let me tell You a bit about myself
I was born in Pretoria and have lived my whole live here. (Love the City)
I am currently 23 years old,but everyone around me say I have an old soul and I agree with them. 
My Story… I was homeshooled for most of my life. My parents decided to take me out of shool wehn I was in Gr 2 because of the lack of eduactions. When they took me for reading lcases I only read as a Gr R studdent. For those who don’t know the SA system, that literally means I was 2 years behind. So they decided to take me out, and we started homsechooling, me and my Sister. 
Primary School Days 
When I was in primary shool, I din’t focus alot on school work or anything of importance. Like any 10 year old I played PlayStation or played a sport of some kind. I tried cricket but miserably failed. (Not a criketer). 
The year that I moved to homeshooling, I started my Entrepreneurial career. I was 8 at the time & my Grandfather came to me saying “listen Son, You have slacked for to long you have to start working” (that was probably the best thing my Grandad did.)