The One Thing You Can Control

As Entrepreneurs we often feel that we can’t control everything in our business, which is completely true.

To a degree, we can control our customers, our supply, our manufacturing, admin, etc, but it won’t ever be 100% controlled by you. There is however one thing you have complete control over, and that is your effort.

Your effort in your entrepreneurial venture will be a huge deciding factor for the success of your business. Many entrepreneurs forget this because they are so occupied with perfectionism or product or this or that, yet the main thing that matters is your effort. Effort out-ways Natural Gifts in the long run. Effort will out last raw skill that isn’t used daily. Effort will put you on display once your business is huge or get’s features on a major website.

Effort – Effort – Effort

Let me put it to you in this way. I want to use an example:

Peter is a young male ready to begin his own graphic design company. Sarah is a young female entrepreneur who just started selling her own courses and teach people one on one on how to start a virtual assistants business.

Two Entrepreneurs. Both have 24hours a day. Both have relatively the same skill in their respective fields. (Sarah might be more skilled)

If Peter puts in more time, more energy,more knowledge, and ultimate put in more effort He will out run Sarah’s business.

This is the blatant truth and the only one you can blame if you are not successful in your field, is only yourself. Put in the effort and out perform your rival.

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