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Trading is not for the
following person.

  • Impatience
  • Doesn’t like rules
  • Emotionally connected t his/her money
  • Not flexible
  • Don’t like learning
  • Egocentric

The Difference between Trading & Inevsting

Free Trading Tips & Strategies​

An Ascending Trendline is formed when an underlying asset is trading in an upward direction by touching a ‘trendline’ pattern.

A Descending Trendline is formed when an underlying asset is trading in a downward direction by touching a ‘trendline’ pattern.

Support and Resistance line form when an underlying asset struggles to move past a certain area in either direction. By touching theses areas multiple times, the argument becomes stronger for the underlying asset to breakout or breakdown. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Not at all. So called Online Guru’s like to advertise that Trading the Financial Markets is ‘easy’ or you just need ‘software’ to to it for you and you will become rich! That’s all a LIE. Traind is very difficult – Like Golf. It’s a skill that you need to practice and then develope.

No, trading is absolutely NOT for everyone. You need patience, I love for learning and a tremendous mastery over your emotions. 

Yes, very. Trading is all about putting your financial wellbeing in the market with the opportunity of making more money. It’s extremely risky if you know what you are doing and complete money suicide if you don’t know how the markets work.

Depending on which market you are trading, anywhere from all your capital to owning the brokerage money. 

Well that all depends on the market you wish to trade, but for a super clear answer I would suggest you need to start with at-least $1000 – $2000

I personally would say between 3-5 years of actively learning, developing your skill and trading strategy would be a major benefit for your future portfolio.

Trading is like Golf...

Some people have the patience, time and dedication to become good golfers and others won’t even bat an eyelash to the sport. Trading the financial markets are the same. You need time, dedication and the patience to develop a skill for trading. And the worst part, after doing this for years or even decades you might still only hit the fairway 50% of the time.

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  • This is not a quick-rich scheme, trading takes time, consistency and practise.
  • All tips and tricks that will be shared are out of my own personal experience or well-known traders who will be cited in the material.
  • The material is by no means a guarantee that YOU will make money, trading contains risk and should be managed at the highest level. 

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