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What I would Like to Achieve in Life

What I would like to achieve in life… what a brilliant question to ask oneself.?This is one that you should ponder on for a couple of hours because it’s probably the biggest thing in your life.?

Whatever you decide on, it should scare you a little, otherwise, it’s not a big enough goal. #JustSaying?

So let me get back to the blog post.?

I started trading Stocks at the age of 13 through a company called Sanlam.(South African Based) One Sunday afternoon, for some reason I paged through the newspaper to find a section with small names and numbers all over the page. I decided to ask my Mom at that stage what it was, and she simply answers “ask your granddad”

So as nosy I was, I headed over to my granddad and asked him what it was. He explained to me that You have the opportunity to buy shares in a company without working for them (how sweet!) and then you have a say in that company. Basic explanation right??

So I was off to the races, starting investing in the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) As I got older I started following the big names in Investing, and probably the biggest of all time is Warren Buffet. The famous investor who have made well over 200 billion over his career in the Stock Market.?

I thought to myself, Wow! This is insane! What the Hell, I want to build a business like he did.?

What he did is he bought a company called Berkshire Hathaway, which at the time was a printing press, and he changes in into a Holding Company.?

Holding Company Definition😕 a company created to buy and own the shares of other companies, which it then controls.

Since I was 15ish, that was one of my biggest goals, which is to build a holding company investing in multiple companies for the main purpose of dividend income. That is the goal for me and one of the biggest things I would like the achieve in my lifetime.?

Have a drifted from that Goal – YES. Should I focus more on it – YES. I need to fix my mind on the goal and persist in it to one day achieve it.?

Remember… Success is just little things done daily over a period of time.

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